Ace Awards

Hey Teachers and Students,

Just an email to remind all actors about the Monologue/Shakespeare workshop we are teaching at the end of this month. We are combining the two classes into one workshop.

We are splitting the workshop in which actors will do Shakespeare for part of the class and then auditioning/monologues (modern, classical, comedic, dramatic) for the other part of the class. The class will be split in two and you will have both Auditioning and Shakespeare each class.

Here is a link for you or your students if you want it. We are limiting the class size to 16 and there are still available spots. We prefer students who are rising 9th graders and older, but we are open to younger with discussion. You may also be a graduate and still attend.

Here is the link:

You will be receiving information about this year’s ACE Acting Awards, but I wanted to at least give you notice that the competition will be both an individual and a team competition.

Each individual will be on a team with 4 members:
1 Dramatic Actor
1 Comedic Actor
1 Classical/Shakespeare Actor
1 Musical Theatre Performer

We will see each team and then pick the top teams and top individuals to go onto the Finals.

Your team could be made up of students from your school or it can be a mix of schools/home school students.

More information will come out toward the end of the Summer, but the workshop we are offering will help in preparation in the monologue categories.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Jay Apking
Artistic Director
Alliance for Creative Excellence, Inc.


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