Strange thing happened.

Back in November, the projected schedule had us so far ahead of where we normally are, we were in a position to take Thursday off. Illness, etc, reminded us why the pace of production normally goes as it does. We’re not behind; we’re exactly where we normally are. And I thought I had eliminated Thursday-as-off a while ago, but it stuck around more persistently than I believed. Apologies.

From what I recall, our straight plays have traditionally had four dress rehearsals and open on Fridays. The musicals have three because of football season and a need for vocal rest.

It is a long week, and one in line with necessity and tradition. If you had Thursday plans that are disrupted, please accept my apologies and reach out if need be if this presents a severe conflict. We pride ourselves on making good use of your time. You’re generous with it, as well as with your creativity, hard work, and good will. I’m proud to have you as the cast.

Let’s aim for a 5:30 go. Remember, preview is during chapel on Thursday!

If I can do anything to help this week, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

My thanks,
Mr. McCray


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