If I have made a mistake, please correct me.

So far, I have audition forms from the following people:

Lucy Keh
Katherine Valliant
Maddie Freeman
Emily Biggs
Sara Sims Wilbanks
Mary McGarr
Terrance McBride
Corey Spurling
Braxton McDonald
JB Crawford
Chase Brown
Rick Carl
Will Lauver
Chase Clayton
Hayden Kesterson
Nathan Wolfenbarger
and Jackson Mullins

I am missing a few. There may have been a miscount on my part or my search on email might be lacking. Either that, or they have not been sent in.

If your name is not on that list, please send (or resend) your form by 9pm tonight. If there is a problem with that deadline, at the very least contact me.

Additionally, I was sent thoughts on characters (again, unless I miscounted) from:

Chase B

If your name is not on that list, and yet you sent them, please contact me.

I know this is exam week, so the latter are not mandatory. However, I appreciated the ones I got a great deal. You have exams, too, and it meant a lot to me that you found the time to reflect on the show, the characters, and their possibilities. Again, I appreciate it, and I will still be happy to accept them up through 9 PM tonight. If that time is not workable due to exams or outside commitments, please contact me. Thank you.


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