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This will also be announced in chapel, but I thought I’d get a jump on it.

These have a wacky schedule because of Thanksgiving, Madrigals, and exams.  There a number of little meetings, but most of them are 15-20 minutes.

Interviews will be during lunches and after school on the 14th, 15th, 26th, and 27th of November.  

Monologues from the play or from other pieces by Chekhov are on the 6th and 7th of December.

On Monday the 10th (after school), if you wish, bring in suggestions for scenes that you think would be good audition readings.  There is no penalty if you don’t, however, I’d very much like your input.  Chances are that they might show up as audition scenes.

On the 11th, come by after school to get the packet of sides we’ll be using for the readings.  

On December 12th, I’ll look at people reading in different combinations.  If you have preferences, let’s start with those.  

My hope is to post a cast list on the 13th and be available to chat if you have any questions, and then and then have a brief meeting on the 14th right after school for those joining the cast.

If this timeline is problematic in any way, please come by and let me know how it may be improved.  Thank you!


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