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Fight Warnings — PLEASE READ

You did a great job today!  Just got out of a meeting with the main fight director.

This is about your safety and your happiness, so please read it carefully.

This may have an impact on whether or not you want to proceed.  If you read the below and realize that it does not mesh with your needs or the needs of your family, please let me know.  You have nothing invested yet.  There is no dishonor in looking at what’s below and deciding that it is not for you.  Your #1 job in life is not to be in a show.  It is to be safe, happy, and healthy.

Our fight directors (it is a play with so much combat that it requires two, with certification) have analyzed the script and determined that we will need to add Friday rehearsals.  Please prepare for that if you continue auditioning.  The first two weeks of rehearsal will be just fight class before fight choreography even begins.  This will be a very safe show if everyone respects the training that they need to have.  Even if you have had fight training, it was not under these directors and many of them speak their own “language.”

If you think you will miss even a day of this to anything other than serious, seasonal illness, please do not try out.  

I say that now, so there will be no sense of bait-and-switch.  One of the scenes involves around 13 combatants.

Also, actors will be expected to be close to off-book by the end of the second week of rehearsal.  I will schedule an off-book read through for that time.  Getting off-book is tough, but it can be done independently.  We are taking on a whale, and that is one place where you can be a real leader.

The good news is that the fighting could end up being show-stopping-legendary for Webb.  The people involved, if the directors prepare them properly, might pull off something of rock star status.  It will be worth the time.  Every practice matters.  I have yet to go through the conflicts people may have written down, but if you have ones on there and still wish to try out, come see me.