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This Wednesday, we’ll be measuring for costumes.  You can see the parts of the form where the various dimensions are requested.  While stage management/design are happy to take measurements, you’re certainly invited to take them ahead of time, jot them down, and then let the show staff transfer them onto one form.

This is especially true for inseams, which seem to be the easiest to mis-measure.  A great way to find the inseam is to take a pair of trousers that fit, lay them on a flat surface, and then measure the inseam with the trouser leg extended.

As I said, we’re happy to do the measuring, and if you’d prefer to take care of that at home, use this picture as a guide for what measurements Norcostco will need when we fax them the order.  Don’t worry about number of costumes, etc.  We’ll take care of that with Norcostco.

Click the image to enlarge.