Audition reference 1

Attachments available until Jan 9, 2020

Does not reflect finished text.

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We are still missing two of the Grease books that need to be returned. If you have them, turn them into Ms. Johnson immediately.


Grease materials

We are missing some choral books associated with Grease. If you have these or see these, please return them promptly to Ms. Johnson. There are some impressive fines associated with non-return of show related materials, and I’m not quite sure how those will be managed. Please help us with this. And rest up!



Just as a reminder, the theater will be open for you at 4 PM. however, as long as you are at the theater by 5 o’clock (for crew) and 6 o’clock (for cast), you should be fine.


Good luck

Just want to wish everyone the best of luck today!


Tech and Beyond schedule reminders

26 – Saturday – Tech (Bring a small, pocket-sized, spiral bound notebook and pencil.)

10:00 – Crew

11:00 – Cast

7:00 – Finished (possibly earlier)

27 – Sunday – Tech

10:00 – Crew

12:00 – Cast

7:00 – Finished (possibly earlier)

28 – Monday – Dress Rehearsal – Call is at 4:00, Go at 6:00

29 – Tuesday – Dress Rehearsal – Call is at 4:00, Go at 6:00

30 – Wednesday – Dress Rehearsal – Call is at 4:00, Go at 6:00

31 – Thursday – Dress Rehearsal – Call is at 4:00, Go at 6:00


1 – Friday – DARK

2 – Saturday – Show – Call – 4:00, House open at 7:00, Go at 7:30

3 – Sunday – Show – Call – 4:00, House open at 7:00, Go at 7:30

4 – Monday – Show – Call – 4:00, House open at 7:00, Go at 7:30


I have been approached with the prospect of extending the Thursday rehearsal until 7. That time could be really precious for us. If you have some kind of serious plans that absolutely cannot be moved, I understand. Please let me know. But if it is possible for you to stay until seven, that would be unbelievably helpful. Thank you so much for all of the hard work!



In the most important way, the schedule has not changed. We need the full cast here at all rehearsals until the show closes. However, these are the designated pages for those days.

MONDAY — Work pp 9-33
TUESDAY — Work pp 34-52
WEDNESDAY — Work pp 63-82
THURSDAY — Work pp 83-89

For a number of weeks, Mondays have been going until 7 due to the availability of our accompanist. The same should be the same for tonight. I thank you for the extra hour and your flexibility!

Week’s agenda

4 to 5 Sandra Dee
5 to 7 grease lightning

C period – Tia and Matt – Bishop Center
X period – Worse things I could do
Sandra dee.
Rydell cheer song with LG and Tatum.
Lunch – (Ask me for a “to go” box before chapel) – Freddy My Love and Alone at the drive-in movie
4-6 – Review – everyone

Wednesday: 1-5. Rock n roll party queen.
All choked up.
Review – all in Bishop Center

Thursday: 4-6:00pm Summer Nights
Beauty School Drop Out.

Sunday 2-4 everyone

Next Wednesday

We have a good opportunity next Wednesday because the day technically ends around noon or so. We would like to rehearse from 1 to 5. That gives us a little more time and it gets us out at a decent hour. Please plan for that. If there is a conflict with some sort of doctor’s appointment, let me know. If you would like to bring something to eat later, you can always leave it in the refrigerator in the green room. Thanks!