High Noon!

I was slightly mistaken yesterday…. Actor call for tech is noon.

Thank you!



It sure would be swell if we could rehearse tomorrow, Friday. If you have other plans, then you have other plans. But if you can be there, it will help us a lot.


This week

I would like to attempt a run of the show every day for the rehearsals this week. Tomorrow may certainly be with book in hand. After that, we will have staff on the book until Tech. If we do not finish a run by the end of a rehearsal, we will pick up at that point the next day, finish, and then begin with the play once more. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you!


Revised Farnsworth Schedule until New York

After finishing blocking and doing a stumble-through, we will pick back up with the previous schedule.

Thursday, Jan 30— pg 20-22, 41-47

Sunday, Feb 2— pg 48-57

Monday, Feb 3— pg 58-59, 69-72, 86-88

Tuesday, Feb 4— pg 89-92

Wednesday, Feb 5— Stumble Through

Thursday, Feb 6— Run Act 1

Sun, Feb 9— Run Act 2

Monday, Feb 10— Run pg 5-32, OFF BOOK

Tuesday, Feb 11— Run pg. 32-59, OFF BOOK

– Fox
Please send emails to schf @ webbstudent. org

Essential Actions

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Farnsworth Schedule

Here is the schedule for the next few weeks. We are going to try to stick to it, but as always, there might be some deviation.

Tuesday, Jan 21- pg. 36-48

Wednesday, Jan 22- pg. 48-60

Thursday, Jan 23- pg. 60-72

Sunday, Jan 26- pg. 36-72- review and reblock car scene

Monday, Jan 27- pg. 72-80

Tuesday, Jan 28- pg. 80-92

Wednesday, Jan 29- pg. 92-101

Thursday, Jan 30- On Book Stumble Through, Full Run

Sunday, Feb 2- Work pg. 5-32

Monday, Feb 3- Work pg. 32-59

Tuesday, Feb 4- Work pg. 61-81

Wednesday, Feb 5- Work pg. 81-101

Thursday, Feb 6- Run Act 1

Sunday, Feb 9- Run Act 2

Monday, Feb 10- Run pg. 5-32, OFF BOOK

Tuesday, Feb 11- Run pg. 32-59, OFF BOOK

As the final itinerary for the New York trip comes out we will schedule the rest of February. If you have any questions, email Hazel at math
– Hazel M.

If you need it…

Click to DownloadFarnsworth.pdf
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Farnsworth Job Delegations

We finalized some of the tasks at Sunday’s rehearsal, so here is the list of delegations. Make sure to have your task finished by the date listed here.

Programs: Johnny and Hazel. Bios and photos by Feb 2. Start headshots Wednesday, Jan 15, finish Friday, Jan 17.
– Typeset
– Transport
– Photography

T-Shirts: Maggie T. By Feb 27. Names or no names?
– Design
– Communication w/admin
– Communication w/ Derek

Posters: By March 5.
– Design- Mr. McCray
– Order- Maggie T.
– Delivery- Maggie T.

Hair and Makeup: Gant, Veronica, and Alyssa. Order list approved and ordered by Feb 12.
– Design
– Order
– Execution

Props: Fox, Hazel, and Rand. Design, procurement, and assembly by Feb 24.
– Hand Props
– Set Props
– Costume Props

Painting the Set:
– Ordering supplies- primer, paint, brushes, tape, drop cloth, etc. by Feb 9.
– How to do it/Research
– Execution- Feb 22 and 23. Everyone who can.

Crew Assembly: Fox and Hazel. By Feb 21.

Record Voices: Fox and Sebastian. By Feb 20.

VIdeo/Preview: Cole and Lydia. Talk to Señor Bright and get someone by Feb 21. Rough cut by Feb 25. Deadline is March 3.

Other Tasks: calling Waffle House, snacks, senior gifts, tech week dinners.

Feb 2- 2-5:30- on book stumble through, Dorito run.

-Hazel Matteson
Please send questions to math

Coming up…

Something more elaborate is forthcoming. However, for now, the cast is called from 2 to 4 on Sunday and then, beginning Monday, we will start blocking. Beginning with the start of act one, we will do 10 pages a day. If you are not called within those pages, you are not required to attend.

This will be fine tuned later. However, if you have any questions about where exactly we are starting in beginning for a given day, if you were on the edge, please come see me.

We will not be rehearsing on Martin Luther King day, nor on the Sunday immediately prior.



Normally, there would be a little more accompanying this posting, but we are caught between pre-Christmas craziness and a reasonable desire to know what the cast is as soon as possible.

There will be more details to come, and more casting to happen. But that will probably happen at readthrough’s, etc. Please use the materials you already have to try to get off book by the time we return to school. Do your best. I’m proud of the work everyone did at the auditions, and I think this is going to be an extremely strong show, top to bottom. Almost everyone is going to be playing MANY more characters than are listed here.

Sarnoff- Owen

Philo- Matt

Gorrell- Gant

Everson and Zworykin- Sebastian

Sarnoff’s Father, Lippincot, Houson Control, Simms- Rand

Russian Officer, William Crocker- Sam

Mr. Gardener (Pem’s Father), Cliff Gardener- Lydia

Lizette- Alyssa

Pem- Tatum

Mary Pickford, Wachtel- Veronica

Lennox, Radio Announcer, Harlan Honn- Johnny

Stan Willis- Jack Williams

Betty- Perri

Mrs. Gardener (Pem’s Mother)- Aliya

Mina Edison- Carly

Walter Gifford, Analyst Douglas Fairbanks- Jack O’Gorman

Justin Tolman, Jim Harbord, Doctor #1- Cole Strickland

Sarnoff’s Mother- Kate

Agnes Farnsworth- Maggie