Good job!

Strike is at 3:35 tomorrow. Please plan on attending.
Thank you!


Checking out between school and the show is still not a thing. Dinner, however, will be available in the cafeteria from 4:30 to 5 PM. please thank them enthusiastically. They were very flexible with being able to provide this. (Normally, this Monday in the life of a show is normally off. But because we moved the show further into November by a week, “this Monday“ was last Monday.)


Great job!

Doing a great job! Keep it up! Enjoy it! All in the Timing is coming soon!


John will be here this evening to do a light strike, at least getting things in a place where chapel can happen tomorrow. It is the utmost demonstration of professionalism to assist him.

Please make sure that all of your costume pieces are present, hung up, and ready for DeWayne. Costume pieces that are missing or which have been altered may be charged to the actor’s account.

Please turn in any bound, official copies of the script or score to Mrs. Johnson or Mrs. Helbig today, tonight, or tomorrow.

All of the pieces of the puppet must be inventoried and packed exactly as we received them.

Please help to get the spotlight back up to the booth.

Amidst this, although the last two nights have been spectacular, the green room this morning is not in the best condition I have seen. If you used the room, please come by and tidy up. Traditionally, it’s in great shape when people check out at the end of the final day.



Lunch and Stuff

We have lunchboxes. They are currently in the lobby by the wall that’s against the theater, audience left side.

Please bring something analog, not digital, to write with/on.

You will see a few posters around campus that have more information on them than the signing copies. The signing copies for the actors focus just on the artwork because all of the white give us much more room for signing. There is so much other information (of specific sizes) that has to appear due to contractual obligations on the “publicity“ poster that there would barely be any room to sign anything. Or, you would have to do it just on the back. This way, if you want to use the front or the front and back, they are all options.

I am going to attach a fairly large version of the Informationally oriented poster if you would like to post something with the information on it on social media or whatnot.

It doesn’t say this, because we just got the word now, but attendance is mask optional/no restrictions, if anyone asks.

See you at lunch!



October 26 (Tuesday) – 1:00-4:00 – Kim’s rehearsal, 4:00Anyone who needs to review with Kim

October 27 (Wednesday) – 4:00-6:30 – TBA – (J 5:30) Kim

October 28 (Thursday) – 4:00-6:30 – TBA – (J 5:30) Run show

October 29 (Friday) – Paper Tech – No cast

October 30 (Saturday) – Tech – (All Day)

10:00 -Crew

12:00 – Cast – Run until finished (no later than 7:30 pm)

October 31 (Sunday) – 2:00–5:00 – Music with Band – Full Cast

November 1 (Monday) – Dress – Run Show at 6:00 (You may come in early to practice, just know that teachers will be in meetings all day until 3:30pm)

November 2 (Tuesday) – Dress (All-East Screening) – No band, Run show at 6:00

November 3 (Wednesday) – Dress – Run Show at 6:00

November 4 (Thursday) – Dress – Run Show at 6:00

November 5 (Friday) – DARK

November 6 (Saturday) –SHOW– 7:30

November 7 (Sunday)-SHOW– 7:30

November 8 (Monday) –SHOW– 7:30



When I was first asked about the tech times, I misread the text and thought I was being asked about Saturday and Sunday. As far as I know, there is no rehearsal for actors on Friday.




It’s a fine time to rehearse, given the PSAT. So let’s rehearse then!


Optional work call

Mr. Evans could really use your help on Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM. This is entirely voluntary, but it would be a great chance to help the show and to get to know him. Work call at bishop center.



I need the ensemble to bring something to write with/on. Pencil and paper.

Also, we are starting to work in close quarters. Make sure you bathe and use a low-fragrance deodorant each morning!



Don’t touch! It might be hungry.