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So, what we were doing Tuesday is going Friday, plus…

One day behind was a pain.  Two days?  Very difficult.  So, we have to make some tough choices.  Although the poll will be rolling, and you should e-mail me at if you have ideas/insights, I will close it before Friday’s rehearsal and let you know what we’re going with, there.

There may be a billion solutions, but we really need to settle on a few, and these make a modicum of sense.

I appreciate your flexibility!


I gotta put on my Uncle Mr. McCray hat.  If she doesn’t have all of the measurements she needs (consult the chart a few posts below) by the END OF TODAY (January 30), we will be in BIG trouble.

If you do not have a tape measure, use a string, use it instead, and then lay it flat against a ruler or yardstick to improvise one.  The important thing is to get it done.

Her e-mail is

If you have any concerns about this, email me at

Avengers Assemble!

Great job, everyone!  I could have cast this a dozen different ways, and it still would have been a great cast.  No matter the part, each one will have a fantastic performer in it.


This is in no real order.  Apologies for any misspellings!  If you have any questions, please contact me at


Emily Biggs — D’Artagnon’s Mother, Elise

Mary McGarr — Mother Superior

Genevieve Hendrix — Milady

Hayden Kesterson — Buckingham, Ravanche

Sara Sims Wilbanks — Sabine

Katherine Valliant — Adele, Sister at School

Lucy Keh — Abess

Katie Samples — Queen Anne

Maddie Freeman — Constance

Rick Cark — Richelieu

Terrance McBride — King Louis XIII

JB Crawford — Aramis

Chase Clayton — Porthos

Nathan Wolfenbarger — Athos

Chase Brown — D’Artagnon

Graham Rogers — Rochefort

Jackson Mullins — Basille, Fache

Will Lauver — Treville, Ruffian

Corey Spurling — D’Artagnon’s Father, DeBris

Jackson Mullins — Basille, Fache

Braxton McDonald — Stanley, Innkeeper

As for now, have a great holiday.  Rest.  Be safe.  If you want to watch a Musketeers film to get a feel for it all, the best is the Richard Lester THREE MUSKETEERS and FOUR MUSKETEERS, both of which make one, big movie.

Fight Warnings — PLEASE READ

You did a great job today!  Just got out of a meeting with the main fight director.

This is about your safety and your happiness, so please read it carefully.

This may have an impact on whether or not you want to proceed.  If you read the below and realize that it does not mesh with your needs or the needs of your family, please let me know.  You have nothing invested yet.  There is no dishonor in looking at what’s below and deciding that it is not for you.  Your #1 job in life is not to be in a show.  It is to be safe, happy, and healthy.

Our fight directors (it is a play with so much combat that it requires two, with certification) have analyzed the script and determined that we will need to add Friday rehearsals.  Please prepare for that if you continue auditioning.  The first two weeks of rehearsal will be just fight class before fight choreography even begins.  This will be a very safe show if everyone respects the training that they need to have.  Even if you have had fight training, it was not under these directors and many of them speak their own “language.”

If you think you will miss even a day of this to anything other than serious, seasonal illness, please do not try out.  

I say that now, so there will be no sense of bait-and-switch.  One of the scenes involves around 13 combatants.

Also, actors will be expected to be close to off-book by the end of the second week of rehearsal.  I will schedule an off-book read through for that time.  Getting off-book is tough, but it can be done independently.  We are taking on a whale, and that is one place where you can be a real leader.

The good news is that the fighting could end up being show-stopping-legendary for Webb.  The people involved, if the directors prepare them properly, might pull off something of rock star status.  It will be worth the time.  Every practice matters.  I have yet to go through the conflicts people may have written down, but if you have ones on there and still wish to try out, come see me.  




3M auditionees? Please download this and EMAIL it back!

No paper copies, please.  Only digital.  Thanks!

Email to prior to December 10.

Three Musketeers 2014 audition form rights responsibilities


Please download, read completely, and e-mail back to with your name and “Drood” in the subject line BEFORE you audition.

PDF Drood musical 2014 audition form rights responsibilities

Check back here for more audition details!

Bio Time!

Actors:  Please send a bio of one hundred words of less to by this Tuesday morning at the very latest.  These programs are a lot of work to assemble, and your timeliness is essential.  Thank you!

Go home by 4:00.

It applies to us, too.  Be safe!

Cherry Orchard Cast —

Please e-mail with your name and ‘yes’ to indicate that you accept your role.  Thank you!

As always, thanks to everyone who auditioned.  There was great work all around, and I look forward to working with the cast.  I sincerely hope that everyone continues to try out for shows at Webb (if your time allows) and elsewhere.  My gratitude goes to all of your very hard work!

in order of appearance…

DUNYASHA Katie Samples

LOPAKHIN Neal Jochmann


ANYA Sara Sims Wilbanks

RANEVSKAYA Mary Kate Heagerty

VARYA Maddie Freeman

GAEV Graham Rogers

CHARLOTTA Genevieve Hendrix


YASHA Chase Brown

TROFIMOV  Nathan Wolfenbarger



POSTMASTER Hayden Kesterson


Scheduling Craziness!

Wowza!  Boy that schedule… nutty.


Okay, I am going to keep “Skype Office Hours” from 10am-12pm and then 4pm-6pm tomorrow if anyone wants to do their interview there, swapping that out for their previously scheduled time.  Look me up at artanis9000.  Make sure we can see each other.  If mac facetime is better, that’s okay, too.  I think I can be reached at  When we talk, please have access to e-mail if possible.


I’ll e-mail you the necessary stuff and then we can talk.  If you wanna shoot me an e-mail to the above address and claim a time, go for it.  If you don’t have access to these things but still wish to speak, my phone number at home is 865 212 5577.


Also, as some of you know, I have a wedding rehearsal that’s come up (rather suddenly) for noon on Friday.  I’ll be off-campus at that time.  If you were scheduled then please let me know.  Tomorrow is an ideal time to reschedule, and if that’s not possible, I’m free other times.


About interviews in general…


They exist for three reasons:


1.  Because you’ll get to discover what is involved in auditions and, if cast, in building the ensemble.


2.  Because they guarantee you the chance to have the full attention of the director, where you can ask questions, share insights, and begin the collaboration as early as possible.  That door is always open (before, during, and long after casting), but this is a time during the bustle of the semester when we can catch our breath.  You are important to me, as are your reasons for being interested in the show.  Although I can’t always cast everyone, I value your feelings and aspirations, and I want to help you in any way that I can.


3.  Because they give you the safety of knowing what to expect/ask from me throughout the auditioning, casting, and play building process.


Please drop me a line with any questions/ideas, etc.


Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase

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