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Read through

Hey, a couple of things. First, all the chat groups are great, and texting groups are great, but your audition form does say to subscribe to the blog, and use that as a primary source of information. So, if you don’t get it from there, please do not consider it gospel. Always feel free to ask me anything you might want to know. 8657483636.

OK, regarding the read through, my suggestion what just this: if the majority of people still preferred today, I was open to today. It was an option. It was just an option. My hope was that, if there were enough people who wanted to go today, they would be pleased that this option were still available. But an option is just an option until it becomes official. We’re just dealing with a suggestion. We’re just dealing with offering a choice. If enough people chose to make that choice. That’s all. That’s all.

if you received a text yesterday, saying that the readthrough had been moved to Monday, yes, absolutely, go with that. You have probably made plans in and around that and I appreciate that flexibility. When things got cleared up a little earlier than we thought today, this was simply a conversation topic. This was simply a “what if” that I wanted to offer people so that they knew that if they had some sort of preference, I was open to hearing it. Perhaps you had more plans Monday. Perhaps you had moved a lot of things to make today possible, and then, having a read through on Monday became difficult. If that were something impacting the majority, then I was open to still having it today. That’s all. But if people are planning on Monday, Monday, it is.



Cast List

Cast List:

Baker: Evelyn Peterson
Wirz: Zach Mitchell
Chipman: Riley Watkins
Wallace: Greg Glenn

Gray: Carly Galbreth
Culver: Seth Nagle
Davidson: Halianna McAmis
Chandler: Nolan Humphrey
Bates: Nicholas Kurzak
Spencer: Jack McDowell
Dr. Ford: Keylor Piers
Hosmer: Will Carroll
Schade: Macye Farra

Members of the Court
Jack Ryan
Mia Panin
Ally Bonnafaccio

For Members of the court, we would like you in this show. You would be also part of the crew but in uniform. This is only if this fits your availability and if you want to be involved. We totally understand there are other things bidding for your time but there is a place for you in this show. Just come by the read-through if you can and let us know.