Daily Archives: November 8, 2022


I’ll have forms in the next few days and will most likely announce in chapel on Thursday or Friday, but auditions for ANDERSONVILLE TRIAL are on November 28 and 29, with callbacks for scenes on the 30th. All at 4pm in the theater.

Prepare a 1-2 min dramatic monologue from any American or British non-musical play written between 1935-1995.

Performances will be during the first week and full weekend of March (through the 6th). Specifics are TBD, but you should be available through those days.

We’ll have a read-through at 4pm on December 9. Please audition only if you can make it to that, if cast, and can begin rehearsing the day we return to school.

Regular rehearsals will start when we get back. M-Th, 4-6, and Sundays 3-5.

Between two equally appropriate actors, preference will be given to the more available performer. Please have an accurate picture of your schedule when you audition. It would be great (but is not necessarily a dealbreaker) if we could rehearse over the founder’s break.

There are 15 parts, and character gender is not my primary concern right now. I may not be able to cast everyone.

This is the most accurate and helpful way to look at casting:

It’s like buying a shoe. If you have a 9.5 foot and the shoe is an 8, it doesn’t make the shoe “bad.”

If you audition, that’s the gig. That’s the job. Aim to audition well, and consider that its own end. That is the most fair moment in theatre. When you deliver that monologue, you are the lead for two minutes, so enjoy that.

If you get called back to read, then that set of moments is the play. Because those moments are yours. That set of moments features you in the lead or some equally challenging part. Make the most of that as its own end.

Anything else will make you get weird. Good advice from Michael Keaton, who said that one change of mindset is what made his career and kept his emotional health.

Come by with any questions, any time.