Crew: 10:30
Cast: 12
EVERYONE- bring a small, spiral bound notepad that you can keep in your pocket and several pencils. This is mandatory. Please, no folded up scratch paper. Put your name on the note pad. Keep it with you at all times. This is really, really, really, really important.

Order of activity on Saturday:
(.5 YOU MUST SIGN IN ON THE CHART THAT WILL BE IN MY ROOM. Once here, we ask that you do not leave without an emergency reason and permission from both Mr. McCray, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Helbig.) 1. Costume orientation.
2. etiquette and Makeup/hair orientation.
3. Props orientation.
4. Run scene changes.
5. Preliminary body mic check and costuming (because costume changes are part of the scene changes)* 6. Run show for content and scene changes.
7. Troubleshooting, notes, dismissal.
8. Wrap up. We will have a pad on the stage for you to write down any missing props.

* some costume pieces may still be under construction or alteration. We will only be working with the pieces that Dwayne feels confident about us using on this day. Please take a fresh shower that morning and wear the foundation garments you think you will use for the show. At the very least, the same types.

We usually aim for a mid show meal around 3-4. If you are in costume, you must store this safely in a place you can remember before you eat. Eat no food and consume nothing but water while you are in costume. No flavor drops in the water, please.

Our target for dismissal on tech weekends is usually around six or 630. But emergencies happen and sometimes we have gone as late as eight. We ask that you make no formal plans for anything prior to 830. We will use the blog to update parents on our progress and estimated time of dismissal, though.

Parents are welcome to watch any phase of any rehearsal that they like. If they have any feedback, I am happy to have a conversation. Please have these with me personally. I will answer any questions and field any notions/ideas immediately.

Same call times. We will be doing a full run after a sound and light check unless you are updated otherwise.

On regular school days with a regular schedule, there will be a meal right after school. Bring something to physically write down notes with. You will then have time to get in to costume. We usually do not worry about make up until Tuesday or so. Warmup on stage at 5:30. Go is as close to six as we can. When we have professional musicians (in addition to Mrs. Helbig) they are often arriving around six, and they will be getting notes and warming up. At the very least, at six, you should be miked and in the drama lab, ready to hit the stage upon notice.

Saturday and Sunday of show week:
On show days, please be at the theater no later than 2 hours before house open. Sign in immediately or you will be considered absent. Do not sign in for anyone else. Do not leave earshot of the Stage area under any circumstances.

On show days, house will be open 1/2 hour before go. At house open, all outside warm-ups should be done, your costumes should be in place for any quick changes. The stage should be set and you should not, for ANY reason go out onto the stage until you get the places/go cue.

Each evening before you leave, please hang up your costumes exactly as you will find them, hung up during tech/as instructed. We will dismiss each day only when props are accounted for, and in place, the green room is clean, and the costumes are hung and stored exactly as they need to be for the next day. This is extremely important.

THIS IS FOR REHEARSALS AND PERFORMANCES, INCLUDING THE FINAL SHOW. After seeing relatives and getting into your civilian clothes, please gather in the central section of the auditorium until dismissed.

Finally, on the Sunday, on which we close, we ask that you stay at the theater between the two performances.

Please remember to take a shower each morning/prior evening, and to use a good, unscented, deodorant/anti-perspirant. If you have some kind of allergy, let us know and bring whatever kind of crystal or substitute you use.

Please start drinking eight 8oz servings of water a day, wash your hands before eating, do not share any food, etc. if you are at all inclined, please wear a covid style mask as much as possible before coming to the theater during the day. Vaccinations are still subjects that people have strong feelings about, but a mask is a mask, and given flu season is particularly bad this year, a clean mask can’t hurt while you are out and about and in school.

If you would like a poster to privately print or forward to relatives, I am attaching one. We will also be putting some up around campus.

Thank you for everything!



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