Daily Archives: October 1, 2022

Looking ahead.

Starting with the weekend before we open, cast and crew are expected to be available from 11 in the morning on Saturday and Sunday until we are done, which could be anywhere between six and eight. That will be refined, but it’s important not to make plans for that chunk of time on those days.

The next four weekdays, you’ll be needed directly after school (meal is included), and could go until nine or 10 in emergency circumstances. it usually doesn’t, but that’s a very vague possibility.

We will have a clearer idea the closer we get, but we do ask for that kind of flexibility, if necessary, for that brief period.



Schedule for next week

Sunday. 2. Finish dress. Show off.
3-430 Toledo
430 5. Feets

Monday 4-530. Tap

Tuesday. Run all numbers. 4- Finish Toledo. Start bunnies. Select cast.

Thursday run all acting. No music. No dance.