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All in the Timing Schedule

Hello Everyone, Happy Winter Break!

Below is the schedule for All in the Timing rehearsals, which start when we get back to school. A typical week looks like rehearsals Monday-Thursday from 4-6, Friday and Saturday off, and Sunday from 2-4. For the first seven weeks we will rotate through two plays each rehearsal. The order is: Trotsky, Universal, Words, Philadelphia, Sure Thing. This is, not so coincidentally, the same order the plays will be performed in. So, first blocking rehearsal will be Trotsky and Universal, then the next rehearsal will be Words and Philadelphia, next Sure Thing and Trotsky. So on and so forth. We have a day after we have run each show twice for some troubleshooting. Those days will focus on parts/aspects/scenes that need work.
When we get to February 9, we will rotate through plays three at a time. When we get to February 16, we will be running all plays at all rehearsals. February 26 is tech day, we hope we can take February 27 off, but it would be lovely if you can keep the 27th open just in case. After that, 4 dress rehearsals, a dark day, and 2 days of shows!

Some definitions:
Read through- whole cast reads the script together, cover to cover. Read through gets everyone acquainted with the show and our team.
OFF- no rehearsal
FULL RUN- rehearsing all shows
TECH- tech day. This day is to get sound and lights incorporated. It is not a big acting day, but is very important. We will need you!
Dress rehearsal- full runs, hopefully all dress rehearsals will be with costumes, lights, sound, props, set, and crew.
Blocking- stage movement. Where actors move and when. We will get familiarized with stage directions once we get to rehearsals.
Dark day- no rehearsal, we take the day before opening night off.
OFF BOOK- after this date actors are not supposed to have scripts onstage. You should have your lines memorized, and will be able to call line during rehearsal if needed.

I have cross referenced the schedule will everyone’s conflict lists. There should be very few conflicts, and I have them written down. Double-check with me if you are worried about anything/need to ask about other conflicts.

For now, enjoy break!

– Hazel, Stage Manager : )

Jan 4- Read Through
Jan 5- Trotsky, Universal
Jan 6- Words, Philadelphia
Jan 9- Sure Thing, Trotsky
Jan 10-Universal, Words
Jan 11- Philadelphia, Sure Thing
Jan 12- troubleshooting
Jan 13- OFF
Jan 18- Trotsky, Universal
Jan 19- Words, Philadelphia
Jan 20- Sure Thing, Trotsky
Jan 23- Universal, Words
Jan 24- Philadelphia, Sure Thing
Jan 25- troubleshooting tba
Jan 26- Trotsky, Universal
Jan 27- Words, Philadelphia
Jan 30- Sure Thing, Trotsky
Jan 31- Universal, Words
Feb 1- Philadelphia, Sure Thing
Feb 2- troubleshooting tba (OFF BOOK)
Feb 3- Trotsky, Universal
Feb 6- Words, Philadelphia
Feb 7- Sure Thing, Trotsky
Feb 8- troubleshoot tba
Feb 9- Trotsky, Universal Lang, Words
Feb 10- Philadelphia, Sure Thing, Trotsky
Feb 13- Universal Lang, Words, Philadelphia
Feb 14- Sure Thing, Trotsky, Universal Lang
Feb 15- Words, Philadelphia, Sure Thing
Feb 16- FULL RUN
Feb 23-25 Rehearsals- FULL RUN, time for crew preview
Feb 26- TECH
Feb 27- OFF
Feb 28- Dress Rehearsal
March 1- Dress Rehearsal
March 2- Dress Rehearsal
March 3- Dress Rehearsal
March 5- SHOW
March 6- SHOW


All in the Timing Cast List

Variations on the Death Trotsky:
Trotsky- Jackson Hovis
Mrs. Trotsky- Aliya Jatoi
Ramon- Jack McDowell

The Universal Language:
Don- Nicholas Kurzak
Dawn- Alyssa Vogt
Young Man- TBA

Words, Words, Words:
Swift- Matt Loveday
Kafka- Riley Watkins
Milton- Owen Roesch

The Philadelphia:
Mark- Lydia Fileds
Al- Jackson Hovis
Waitress- Kavita Bodin-Krishen

Sure Thing:
Bill- Owen Roesch
Betty- Anna Simmons

Hazel Matteson- Stage Manager

Carly Galbreth- Assistant Director

Patrick McCray- Director