Great job!

Doing a great job! Keep it up! Enjoy it! All in the Timing is coming soon!


John will be here this evening to do a light strike, at least getting things in a place where chapel can happen tomorrow. It is the utmost demonstration of professionalism to assist him.

Please make sure that all of your costume pieces are present, hung up, and ready for DeWayne. Costume pieces that are missing or which have been altered may be charged to the actor’s account.

Please turn in any bound, official copies of the script or score to Mrs. Johnson or Mrs. Helbig today, tonight, or tomorrow.

All of the pieces of the puppet must be inventoried and packed exactly as we received them.

Please help to get the spotlight back up to the booth.

Amidst this, although the last two nights have been spectacular, the green room this morning is not in the best condition I have seen. If you used the room, please come by and tidy up. Traditionally, it’s in great shape when people check out at the end of the final day.




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