Lunch and Stuff

We have lunchboxes. They are currently in the lobby by the wall that’s against the theater, audience left side.

Please bring something analog, not digital, to write with/on.

You will see a few posters around campus that have more information on them than the signing copies. The signing copies for the actors focus just on the artwork because all of the white give us much more room for signing. There is so much other information (of specific sizes) that has to appear due to contractual obligations on the “publicity“ poster that there would barely be any room to sign anything. Or, you would have to do it just on the back. This way, if you want to use the front or the front and back, they are all options.

I am going to attach a fairly large version of the Informationally oriented poster if you would like to post something with the information on it on social media or whatnot.

It doesn’t say this, because we just got the word now, but attendance is mask optional/no restrictions, if anyone asks.

See you at lunch!



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