Daily Archives: September 9, 2021

Yeah, I know…

One of those days is Yom Kippur.

Obviously, that means that attendance is not mandatory for anyone observing it or anyone who made plans predicated on it as a school holiday.

Negotiations are underway. Yes, it’s a great day to get some work done. But we also recognize the seriousness of the holiday and the value of respecting it, even if it is not being individually observed.

What that means is that it would be a good day to make progress on the show, and that’s only if there are sufficient numbers of people both available and comfortable rehearsing on that day. We can figure it out when we’re together in person.



Filling in the schedule

September 12 (Sunday) – Music – 2:00 – 4:00 Trio, Ensemble, 4:00 – 5:00 Lydia, Jack (Helbig, Johnson)
September 13 (Monday) – Music – Trio, Ensemble (Johnson)

Tuesday, 9/14 4-530 Skid Row full cast 530-630 little shop – trio

Wed, 9/15 4-445 little shop – trio
445-545 da-doo – trio, seymour
545-630 – grow for me – seymour

thurs, 9/16 4-515 run choreography songs 1-4 full cast
515-630 4A radio transition, Somewhere thats green cast will be dismissed if not involved

September 20 (Monday)P – Run Act I – Blocking and Script (McCray) – Full Cast
September 21 (Tuesday) P– Run Act II – Blocking and Script (McCray) – Full Cast
September 22 (Wednesday)K– choreography 4-6:30 – TBA
September 23 (Thursday)K– choreography 4-6:30 – TBA
September 25 (Saturday) K– choreography – TBA
September 26 (Sunday) – Run Act I Music, Blocking , Choreography (McCray, Johnson, Helbig)
September 27 (Monday) – Music – Trio
September 28 (Tuesday)K– choreography 4-6:30 – TBA
September 29 (Wednesday) – Music – Ensemble
September 30 (Thursday)K– choreography 4-6:30 – TBA