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Little Shop Schedule, August 24- Sept. 7

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the late notice, but here is the fully fleshed out Little Shop schedule for the next few weeks. There is the date, time (p.m.), pages we will be blocking, and people needed for those pages. If your character is not on the list for that rehearsal, you do not need to show up. We have also figured out the casting issue of the Customer, Interviewer, and Patrick Martin. Customer- Izzy Geyer-Kim. Interviewer- Carly Galbreth. Patrick Martin- Jackson Hovis. Thanks, See You All Tomorrow! – Hazel

Aug 24, 4-6- Read Through

Aug 25, 4-6- Block pgs. 15-17, 21, 22, 24-26 (A). Mushnik, Seymour, Audrey, Customer.

Aug 26, 4-6- Block pgs. 33-34, 38-41, 43-45, 49-50 (B). Crystal, Ronnette, Chiffon, Audrey, Mushnik, Seymour, Orin, Plant.

Aug 29, 2-4- Block pgs. 55-56, 62-63, 67-68, 71-73 (C). Seymour, Audrey, Orin, Mushnik, Ronette, Customer.

Aug 30, 4-6- Block pgs. End of 28-29, 84-86, 89-92 (D). Plant, Seymour, Audrey, Patrick Martin, Interviewer.

Aug 31, 4-6- Review A. Mushnik, Seymour, Audrey, Customer, Interviewer.

Sep 1, 4-6- Review B. Crystal, Ronnette, Chiffon, Audrey, Mushnik, Seymour, Orin, Plant.

Sep 2, 4-6- Review C. Seymour, Audrey, Orin, Mushnik, Ronette, Customer.

Sep 7, 4-6- Review D. Plant, Seymour, Audrey, Patrick Martin.



Little shop blocking schedule

First section of Little Shop schedule. A more detailed schedule is forthcoming. expect thrills, laughs, a dash of romance, and even precision regarding which actors are called and when. For now, look in the script, and if you are on one of those pages, be there.

Weekdays are 4 to 6. Sundays are 2-4.

August 24-26

T read through

W block A section 15-17, 21-22, 24-26, 28-29

R block B section 33-34, 38-41, 43-45, 49-50

August 29-September 2

S block C section 55-56, 62-63, 67-68, 71-73

M block D section 84-86, 89-92

T review A

W review B

R review C

September 7-9

T Review D. This is the last day to be on book, but you may call line after this point. Scripts may be used for musical number blocking purposes.



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