Daily Archives: August 14, 2021


Callbacks: Monday starting at 3:00pm for any seniors, then add everyone else at 4:00 (or earlier if you are free).

Audrey II (the plant) sings “Suppertime” ms. 34-79:

Matt Loveday

Jackson Hovis

Jack Williams

Lydia Fields

Owen Roesch

Bree Melhorn

Alyssa Vogt

Aliya Jatoi

Jack McDowell

Seymour sings “Suddenly Seymour” ms. 6-32:

Matt Loveday

Jackson Hovis

Owen Roesch

Jack Williams

Trio sings Little Shop ms. 5-20:

Alyssa Vogt – Sop

Bree Melhorn – Sop

Aliya Jatoi – Sop

Carly Galbreth – Alto

Maddie Bell – Sop

Izzy Geyer-Kim – Alto

Holland Foss – Sop

Ellie Freshour – Sop but willing to sing any part




Could I get an idea of who would be interested in the Safari that I mentioned at auditions? Anytime tomorrow, Monday, or Tuesday would be fine. Valuable prizes!

Let me know. 865-748-3636!