Monthly Archives: July 2021

You are what you eat.

As some of you may know or have guessed, the fall musical is going to be LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS.

I wanted to get the giant puppet package absolutely in the bag before announcing it, and that is taking me somewhat longer than anticipated.

However, all of the paperwork has been turned in, including the deposit, so I think it’s pretty likely.

We will let you know what the casting situation is soon. I think we may do some re-auditioning, but we would like to (at least, to my understanding as of the last conversation I had on the subject) generally keep the cast to those who we are officially involved, to one extent or another, with Jersey Boys.

The last production that we did of this was very successful, and as always, we tried to make a few unexpected choices. That will be the same on this. So the one thing I ask of you is to keep preconceptions on the shelf.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 865-748-3636.