Daily Archives: February 28, 2020

Now C here… and one more piece of helpful schedule news.

1000-2000mg is plenty; it actually maxes out at 2000mg/day under very occasional circumstances where you think you may need that much.

So that my critical thinking creds remain legit….

On three occasions, I have felt something coming on. Each time, I took a strong dose of C. Each time, the symptoms vanished with amazing speed.

I have no evidence that the C caused the symptoms to abate. Correlation is not causality. It was just a helpful coincidence.

Be safe. Wash hands. Cough into the crooks of your sleeves, away from others. Don’t leave open drink cans out. Listen to your mother!


PS — If a family scheduled the day based on the earlier actor call, you’re welcome to come by and start helping the crew or just enjoy the theater early if you want. I’ll be here by ten.


High Noon!

I was slightly mistaken yesterday…. Actor call for tech is noon.

Thank you!