Farnsworth Schedule

Here is the schedule for the next few weeks. We are going to try to stick to it, but as always, there might be some deviation.

Tuesday, Jan 21- pg. 36-48

Wednesday, Jan 22- pg. 48-60

Thursday, Jan 23- pg. 60-72

Sunday, Jan 26- pg. 36-72- review and reblock car scene

Monday, Jan 27- pg. 72-80

Tuesday, Jan 28- pg. 80-92

Wednesday, Jan 29- pg. 92-101

Thursday, Jan 30- On Book Stumble Through, Full Run

Sunday, Feb 2- Work pg. 5-32

Monday, Feb 3- Work pg. 32-59

Tuesday, Feb 4- Work pg. 61-81

Wednesday, Feb 5- Work pg. 81-101

Thursday, Feb 6- Run Act 1

Sunday, Feb 9- Run Act 2

Monday, Feb 10- Run pg. 5-32, OFF BOOK

Tuesday, Feb 11- Run pg. 32-59, OFF BOOK

As the final itinerary for the New York trip comes out we will schedule the rest of February. If you have any questions, email Hazel at math
– Hazel M.


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