Farnsworth Job Delegations

We finalized some of the tasks at Sunday’s rehearsal, so here is the list of delegations. Make sure to have your task finished by the date listed here.

Programs: Johnny and Hazel. Bios and photos by Feb 2. Start headshots Wednesday, Jan 15, finish Friday, Jan 17.
– Typeset
– Transport
– Photography

T-Shirts: Maggie T. By Feb 27. Names or no names?
– Design
– Communication w/admin
– Communication w/ Derek

Posters: By March 5.
– Design- Mr. McCray
– Order- Maggie T.
– Delivery- Maggie T.

Hair and Makeup: Gant, Veronica, and Alyssa. Order list approved and ordered by Feb 12.
– Design
– Order
– Execution

Props: Fox, Hazel, and Rand. Design, procurement, and assembly by Feb 24.
– Hand Props
– Set Props
– Costume Props

Painting the Set:
– Ordering supplies- primer, paint, brushes, tape, drop cloth, etc. by Feb 9.
– How to do it/Research
– Execution- Feb 22 and 23. Everyone who can.

Crew Assembly: Fox and Hazel. By Feb 21.

Record Voices: Fox and Sebastian. By Feb 20.

VIdeo/Preview: Cole and Lydia. Talk to Señor Bright and get someone by Feb 21. Rough cut by Feb 25. Deadline is March 3.

Other Tasks: calling Waffle House, snacks, senior gifts, tech week dinners.

Feb 2- 2-5:30- on book stumble through, Dorito run.

-Hazel Matteson
Please send questions to math

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