Normally, there would be a little more accompanying this posting, but we are caught between pre-Christmas craziness and a reasonable desire to know what the cast is as soon as possible.

There will be more details to come, and more casting to happen. But that will probably happen at readthrough’s, etc. Please use the materials you already have to try to get off book by the time we return to school. Do your best. I’m proud of the work everyone did at the auditions, and I think this is going to be an extremely strong show, top to bottom. Almost everyone is going to be playing MANY more characters than are listed here.

Sarnoff- Owen

Philo- Matt

Gorrell- Gant

Everson and Zworykin- Sebastian

Sarnoff’s Father, Lippincot, Houson Control, Simms- Rand

Russian Officer, William Crocker- Sam

Mr. Gardener (Pem’s Father), Cliff Gardener- Lydia

Lizette- Alyssa

Pem- Tatum

Mary Pickford, Wachtel- Veronica

Lennox, Radio Announcer, Harlan Honn- Johnny

Stan Willis- Jack Williams

Betty- Perri

Mrs. Gardener (Pem’s Mother)- Aliya

Mina Edison- Carly

Walter Gifford, Analyst Douglas Fairbanks- Jack O’Gorman

Justin Tolman, Jim Harbord, Doctor #1- Cole Strickland

Sarnoff’s Mother- Kate

Agnes Farnsworth- Maggie



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