Here, at long last is the preliminary Grease cast. As usual, these are tough decisions, and they do not reflect nor define anything other than one guess about one combination of very talented people at one place in time. I very much look forward to working with everyone, and I hope it will be one in a series of shows on which I enjoy your collaboration.

Rehearsal starts next Monday at 2:30 in the chorus room with a read-through.

Scripts are available at the bookstore.

Rehearsals are generally Mondays through Thursdays, and generally 4-6:30. Depending on what we get done, we will let out between 6:00 and 630. If we let out earlier than 6:30, we will provide as much notice as possible through the blog.

Due to the schedule of the choreographer, weekend rehearsals may be some Saturdays and/or may be some Sundays, but we will try to give absolutely as much notice as possible. Until tech, they will not be both Saturday and Sunday unless there is an incredible emergency. No one likes a week without at least one day off.

Please do not park anywhere near the theater. There is a great deal of construction going on, and unfortunately this is an absolute rule.

If you have any significant change in conflicts, please let us know by Monday at the beginning of rehearsal, in writing. Performance is contingent on your availability, and if the new conflicts present significant challenges, we may need to discuss the nature and degree of continued participation.

At this time, there is no rehearsal during fall break.

Some rehearsal calls may consist of set construction. Everyone, barring previously established conflicts, is expected to be available, although not everyone may be called.

Again, I greatly appreciate your patience and passion towards this project.



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