Daily Archives: March 1, 2019

Call times.

Call times are in and around what we suspected, but we are finally getting them finalized. A lot of this has been slightly unpredictable because of the SETC conference, but I think that’s all getting ironed out.

Saturday: Crew at 12:30, Cast at 1.

Sunday: Cast and crew at 10am. That’s our relatively early day, but it’s win both the costume team and lighting team are available. Thank you for being understanding on this!

Dismissal is a tad up in the air, but we have never gone later than about seven unless there were some sort of serious, time critical situation. If that happens, I will update the blog to keep people in the communication loop.

During the week, Please don’t leave campus. Come down to the bishop center, eat, and get into costume and make up. At 5:15, we will begin the various reviews and warm-ups. Go should be at six. If we can get started with that earlier, even better.

For the weekend of performance, I will have the theater open by five unless people need it earlier. House open is at seven and go is at 7:30.

As always, family friends and relatives are always welcome during any stage of rehearsal. I’m happy to meet them.

If you are providing a ride for anyone, please feel free to park and come in to watch any part of the show you like!