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Strike for THE SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS will be:

Monday, March 11
Noon-6 PM

Tuesday, March 12
Noon-6 PM

Please make every effort to come on stage during 2nd AP, during your free periods, or after school.

The Lower School has a talent show on Wednesday, March 13 at 1 PM. The stage must be completely cleared by then, if not earlier. With everyone helping we should be able to get this accomplished quickly. Part of being a cast member is to help take down the scenery for any show. Please contribute to that effort whenever you are free. Thank you so much!

Ms Stowers


Schedule as of 2/10/19… No rehearsal today 2/10/19

17 rehearsals left til house opens
BT = Beatrice BG = Brighella CL = Clarice DR = Dr. Lombardi
FL = Florindo MF = Muffeletta PN = Pantalone PT = Patron
PTR = Porter PM = Prompter SV = Silvio SMD = Smeraldina
SM = Stage Manager TF = Truffaldino YW = Young Woman 1W = 1st Waiter
2W = 2nd Waiter 3W = 3rd Waiter BAD = Baducci

Schedule: Sun. 2-4:30; M-TH 4-6:30
Feb 11: 1.5 (TF, FL, BT, MF, BG, PN, 1W, 2W, 3W, YW, PM, Jack)
Feb 12: Act 1 (All Called)
Feb 13: Act 2 (All Called)
Feb 14: Act 1 (All Called)

Feb 20: Act 2 (All Called)
Feb 21: Act 1 (All Called)

Feb 23: TECH (All Called)
Feb 24: TECH (All Called)
Feb 25: Run Act 1
Feb 26: Run Act 2
Feb 27: Death Run
Feb 28: Dorito Full Run

Mar 2: Costume Day
Mar 3: Full Dress
Mar 4: Full Dress
Mar 5: Full Dress
Mar 6: Full Dress
Mar 7: Dark
Mar 8 – 10: Show!!!!
Mar 11-14: Strike