Daily Archives: January 4, 2019

Servant Schedule

Everyone please check your email and make sure you have received an invitation to join the Google Doc schedule. If you have not gotten one yet or are having issues please email the stage manager, Madalyn Mead, at meam. See you all on Monday!

Rehearsals: 4-6:30, Monday-Thursday and 2-4:30 on Sunday. Rehearsals will begin January 7. After Founder’s Day Weekend (Feb 20-Mar 10), everyone should try their absolute best to be at every rehearsal. You must be off book by February 3. Tech Days are February 23 and 24. Performances: 7:30 pm March 8, 9, 10, the weekend before spring break.

Key Expectations: In theater, being on-time is being late. Show up to rehearsals 10 minutes before call time. Write down all blocking accurately as it is given. Stay aware of the current schedule. Prepare the theatrical spaces before you socialize. Focus on creating an atmosphere of friendliness and equality backstage. This is a team, and if there is a concern about a teammate, take it to the director, not the teammate. No in-fighting. Respect each other, the crew, and the director. Help the crew and set design team when called by them. Let the director personally know if I experience a schedule changing emergency. Roll with the punches if the schedule needs to be changed. Check the blog after sick/snow days to see if the schedule has changed.



Thanks to everyone who auditioned. If a part was not available, please know that it was simply a question of numbers. It is not personal; there is nothing you lacked. Casting is an enormous and difficult task. It takes as long as it does, at times, because we work very hard to find opportunities for as many people as possible. If a part was not available and you would still like to participate in some way on the show, please let me know. Your interest, your talent, your dedication, and your imagination are unbelievably important to me.

Our first read through is in the drama classroom at 4:00pm this Monday. Scripts should be available in the bookstore if all went well at the end of the semester. A full schedule and reminder of the details of your audition agreement are forthcoming, probably later today.

Young Woman- Sofia Gholston-Green
Pantalone- Sebastian Soto
Clarice- Hannah Duncan
Lombardi- Gant Dunaway
Silvio- Johnny Wilkes
Beatrice- Whitney Flautt
Florindo- Jake Loveday
Brighella- Ben Davis
Smeraldina- Hannah Nye
Truffaldino- Britt Lamson
Patron/Porter- Owen Roesch
First Waiter- Maggie Tipton
Stage Manager- Kyra Green
Second Waiter- Lydia Fields
Baducci- Jack O’Gorman
Promoter- Sam Carroll
Muffeletta- Perri Mahfouz
Third Waiter- Kate Whitcomb