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I know, I sound like your mother, but…

The main entrée in the cafeteria is a Vietnamese sandwich. Like many sandwiches, Vietnamese origin or not, it is finger food. If you don’t wash your hands and then remain mindful about not touching common surfaces and door handles after, these sandwiches will be magic carpets for colds and flus. Hand sanitizer doesn’t cut it! Be good to yourselves.

Eat your greens,
Uncle Mr. McCray

Great work/week ahead

First of all, great work today. We gave some very strong performances and learned a lot about where we need to go in the next week.

Tomorrow, we are going to be focusing on act two. We are going to try to do it twice, looking carefully at what works and what can work even better.

Today, a number of people had questions about specifics within the show. If you have specific questions or insights that could help us make this the best show possible, we need to hear them by rehearsal tomorrow.

Anything involving music needs to go to Ms. Johnson at If it involves acting and blocking, send it to me at

Between now and tomorrow, especially if you have numbers where you are singing to a specific person, please really look at why your songs and lyrics are in the show. What part of the story is being told? What do the characters want? How are they responding to what they hear, based on their own agendas?

I’ll be working a lot on those. If I can help with specifics you have on your mind, let me know. If I can work on SOS tomorrow during C and “take a chance“ during a, that would really put us ahead. Let me know.

Rest, enjoy the evening, and thank you again for the hard work!


Upcoming Daze

Change for the next couple of rehearsals:

TODAY — Whitney would like to have everyone at 5:00 to continue working choreography from Act I today.

We will wrap up today at 8pm.

SUNDAY – 1:30 – 5:00pm with the live band – full run of the show.

With these two changes, we will not need to be here Saturday.

Take care of yourselves!



Today: Choreography… “Under Attack,” “Entre’ Act,” “3rd Curtain Call – Waterloo,” then troubleshooting. FULL CAST.

Friday: Off.



Kim needs the Dynamos and Bill for certain….




Wednesday, October 3 – 4-6:30 dialogue review — all acting (off book, you CAN call for line) — drama lab PMc
Thursday, October 4 – 4:00-6:00 TBA dance. Should have a schedule later today.

October 6-10 – Fall break – no rehearsal

Thursday, October 11 – 4:00 – 6:30 – act 1 polish blocking
Friday, October 12 – 4:00-6:30 – act 2 polish blocking

Sunday, October 14 – 2:00-4:00 – act 1
Monday, October 15 – 4:00-6:30 – troubleshoot TBA (No cheerleaders)
Tuesday, October 16 – 4:00-6:30 – act 2
Wednesday, October 17 – 4:00 – 6:30– act 1
Thursday, October 18 – 5:00-8:00 – act 2

Saturday, October 20 – TBA
Sunday, October 21 – Add band members – Music
Monday, October 22 – 4:00-6:30 – act 1
Tuesday, October 23 – 4:00-6:30 – act 2
Wednesday, October 2412:30 -3:30 — full run
Thursday, October 25 – 4:00-6:30 – full run

Saturday, October 27 crew at 10am, cast at 12pm– Tech rehearsal
Sunday, October 28 – crew at 10am, cast at 12pm — Tech
Monday, October 29 – after school onward Dress
Tuesday, October 30 – after school onward Dress
Wednesday, October 31 – after school onward Dress
Thursday November 1 – after school onward Dress
Friday, November 2 – DARK

Saturday, November 3 – call at 4:30SHOW
Sunday, November 4 – call at 4:30SHOW
Monday, November 5 – after school onward SHOW