Daily Archives: October 31, 2018


The big push is upon us. Great work last night! I also saw where things can improve even more. This is essential stuff to telling the story, and by tuning and tightening, I believe that we can make a good show great.

We are really, really honor-bound (and common sense-bound) to begin at 6:00pm tonight. If possible, we need to try to work on the following. If you can come by, let me know when for….

Sophie and Bill

Sophie and Sam

Sam, Bill, Harry, and Sophie

Sam, Bill, Harry, and Donna

Harry and Donna

Sam and Donna

Tonya, Rosie, Donna

Much of this is just review/reminding.

If something is not possible, just let me know what we might be able to work out ASAP. I’ll work with you.