Pick Ups

I hope everyone is doing well. We’ve made lots of progress at the start of a month that will go very quickly. I’m proud of the hard work everyone is doing.

To our parent supporters, I need to ask for your partnership and understanding about picking up actors if you are providing transportation. Rehearsals in this phase end either early or at very set times. Although there is no expectation that you need to be here before the designated end time (in case we dismiss early), we do request that, if you are picking up an actor, you make every effort to do so at the time of dismissal.

Of course, unforeseen events may happen that require us to stay with actors as they wait past the designated dismissal for rides. As with any community, we are there for each other in those circumstances. If they can be kept to a minimum, and if you would please maintain frequent and cordial communication in those instances, it would be extremely appreciated.

Shows are extraordinary achievements that require sacrifices from everyone. My assumption is that everyone involved is also equally busy and committed with obligations that are rarely seen on the surface. That goes for the actors, their supportive families, and the tech and production staff as well.

Thank you for your support.

Patrick McCray

PS —
Although the blog looks like it is set up to house forums and responses, they kind of go into the ether if you attempt to contact us through the various links and buttons at the bottoms of posts. Please feel free to send communication to me at charltonx@me.com. If you prefer to call, you can reach me at 865-748-3636. Thanks!


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