Scenic Construction this afternoon, Thursday, August 23.

If you are waiting for rehearsal at 6 PM and have nothing to do this afternoon, I will be working on scenery on stage today.  We have had a few cast members and staff  show up to work here and there which has been INCREDIBLY helpful! I really, really want to thank Jack, Owen, and especially, Fox, Hazel, Lilli and Melissa Schweitzer for your help in ensuring the success of the show!  None of this is complicated, and you do not need to know how to use power tools (You will get training!).  I get to a stopping point because things are too heavy to move by myself, so having two or three people around is great!  I really like how these Thursdays and some free stage afternoons are working because it means that we do not have to devote a weekend to construction, but we will still have the scenery ready for all out rehearsals and blocking that will begin any day now.

Madalyn Mead, Lilli Schweitzer, and Riley Talmadge are in the scenic construction class during C period.  They will be working on the more complicated scenery pieces,  like the bed, scenic decoration, and stage props. Please thank them as well!!

Our cyclorama is being installed on Monday and Tuesday of next week!  This will be a very exciting addition to our lighting  capabilities!

Ms Stowers


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