Daily Archives: August 15, 2018

Friday Music!

This Friday music at 3:45:
Donna, Tanya, Rosie
Harry, Bill, Sam


Scenic Construction Thursday, August 16-Noon until 6 PM

I will be working on finishing scenery construction tomorrow, Thursday, August 16 from noon until choreography rehearsal starts at 6:30, at the latest, just depending on how much help that I get during the day.  There are little jobs to be done that require lifting by more than one person, so I am at a bit of a stopping point.  Free periods, 2nd AP, after school before choreography starts will all be helpful.  This is not constant work, so you can be working on homework or class work in the Bishop Center, as you are waiting for me to give you a task. This is a “drop-in-when-you-can” afternoon that saves us all from working on the weekend!!  15-30 minutes here and there really add up!!  We are really close to having construction finished so that we can start the transformation to our island in Greece!!  Thank you so much!!

Ms Stowers


Rehearsal today

Due to event in the bishop center. Rehearsal we’ll end at 545 today.

We will rehearse mamma Mia only. If there is time we will review other choreography

Ms Kimberlie