MAMMA MIA scenic construction today, Wednesday, July 11, 4-6 PM and Friday, July 13, 4-6 PM

Today, we will be deconstructing and repurposing some of the mobile units that we have on stage.  Again, please wear appropriate clothing for moving heavy pieces of scenery and getting dirty.

Just to give you an update on progress so far.

Since there is no camp the week of July 4, I rented a scissor lift, and Adam Baranowski worked on readjusting lights and replacing burned out bulbs, while I worked on clearing the backstage of lumber that we no longer need. I have gifted a cyclorama (a very large white drape that hangs near the back wall to using as lighting for skies, evenings, etc)  to Webb, and we were hoping to have maintenance hang the pipe from the ceiling that it will go on while we had the scissor lift.  Maintenance was too slammed with cleaning carpets in offices while the campus was free from campers to get that done.  We have rescheduled that for Wednesday, August 1.

Last week, I also broke down the two large towers to get them ready for the MAMMA MIA balconies.  What I would like to accomplish this week are building the bed unit, reconfiguring the stair unit from LEGALLY BLONDE for the bar, striking the 10-foot stair platform from CHICAGO, and cutting the large door unit by the overhead door in half to make smaller door units.  This will be a pretty big operation, generating a lot of sawdust, so it will be done outside.

Large groups of people are not necessary, but 4-5 would be great!  Thank you for all your help getting your scenery ready for rehearsals!

Ms Stowers



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