Thanks to everyone for your talent and patience for our biggest turnout. If a part was not available, please consider working on the show behind the scenes, and most importantly, keep trying out! It was a marvelous group of auditions, and I hope to see everyone again.

Mamma Mia!



Sophie – Lily Grace Thome

Ali – Maggie Comer

Lisa – Caroline Powell

Donna – Lilli Schweitzer

Tanya – Hannah Duncan

Rosie – Hannah Nye

Sky – Owen Roesch

Pepper – Cico Soto

Eddie – Jack Williams

Harry Bright – Sam Carroll

Bill Austin – Ben Davis

Sam Carmichael – Jake Loveday

Father Alexandrios – Britt Lamson

Dance Captain – Whitney Flautt

Islanders and Wedding Guests:

Maggie Tipton

Reagan Bradshaw

Veronica Cain

Addie Dewhirst

Gant Dunaway

Chelsea Henderson

Aliya Jatoi

Molly Livingston

Tatum Mullins

Kathryn Siler

Sebastian Soto

Divya Venkatesh

Johnny Wilkes


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