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MAMMA MIA Scenic Construction tomorrow, Wednesday, June 20

The research and model for MAMMA MIA are complete.  Since there is no summer camp in the BC this week, I would like to start moving platforms on stage.  I will be on stage from 1 PM to 4 PM tomorrow, Wednesday, June 20.  If you can stop by to help move platforms at any time during that period, it would really help ensure that your scenery is completed by the time rehearsals start in August.  The set is very interactive like a big fort, so I think you will enjoy seeing how it evolves as your playground for 3 months.

You will be helping to move heavy platforms and will be putting casters on the platforms so that they can be moved when camps are in session.  This is construction, so please do not wear sandals or flip-flops.  If something happens to fall on your foot, you will be really glad that you had some protection!!

Looking forward to working on this production with you!!

Ms Stowers

Cell phone:  865-250-2884



Thanks to everyone for your talent and patience for our biggest turnout. If a part was not available, please consider working on the show behind the scenes, and most importantly, keep trying out! It was a marvelous group of auditions, and I hope to see everyone again.

Mamma Mia!



Sophie – Lily Grace Thome

Ali – Maggie Comer

Lisa – Caroline Powell

Donna – Lilli Schweitzer

Tanya – Hannah Duncan

Rosie – Hannah Nye

Sky – Owen Roesch

Pepper – Cico Soto

Eddie – Jack Williams

Harry Bright – Sam Carroll

Bill Austin – Ben Davis

Sam Carmichael – Jake Loveday

Father Alexandrios – Britt Lamson

Dance Captain – Whitney Flautt

Islanders and Wedding Guests:

Maggie Tipton

Reagan Bradshaw

Veronica Cain

Addie Dewhirst

Gant Dunaway

Chelsea Henderson

Aliya Jatoi

Molly Livingston

Tatum Mullins

Kathryn Siler

Sebastian Soto

Divya Venkatesh

Johnny Wilkes

Almost there…

I appreciate the patience that everyone is showing. We are still trying to communicate with a couple of people who are a tad out of range. That’s the only hold up right now. And I really appreciate how understanding everyone is being.

Patrick McCray