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Keep in mind…

Just a couple of things. As I said at auditions, we had so many people who tried out, there is no way that we can realistically cast everyone without making the stage floor cave in. So, when we post the list, if your name is not on it, please don’t take it personally. This will still be one of our larger casts, but I think it’s probably the greatest, in every sense, group of people we’ve ever had try out for a single show. Please don’t be discouraged if you were not cast, and please keep auditioning here and elsewhere!

If you have not sent in your conflict form, please do so. Again, I sincerely thank you for your overwhelming interest!



I’m not sure what’s going on.

To test it,

I downloaded the pdf. I opened it in preview. I used the tools in preview to mark it. Then, I went to FILE and chose “Export as PDF.” I renamed it and saved it to my desktop. Emailed it to work. Opened it, and lo and behold, I got my marked version.

Please export as PDF after you fill it out and mail it to patrick_mccray. Put the show title and your name in the subject line. You may want to try mailing yourself a test version, first.

Please don’t reply to this message directly. Use patrick_mccray.


Patrick McCray


You know, the forms need to be filled in, right? We’re getting a lot of blank ones being returned.



If you love Broadway…

May 18 at 12:10-1:10pm

Choir Room

Meet the
Choreographer for Kinky Boots


Incredible Opportunity to meet a true Broadway Hit!


Audition Form

mamma mia audition.pdf