Daily Archives: January 9, 2018


Damon pointed out that the calendar needed adjustment in this regard; the script starts on page 7, and I was scheduling our first two cycles as if it started on page 1. I have adjusted it to try and cause as little disruption and still accommodate choreography TOMORROW. (That may shift the schedule depending on length and follow up.) Apologies for any tweaks that need to be made.

If the schedule stands, we have a shorter day on the 23rd; 5:30 dismissal, although if Kim is available, we’ll look at the musical number then, so it may go to 6:30. Currently, it’s 5:30 unless you hear otherwise.


Standard rehearsals at most theaters go three-to-four hours. I limit it on weekdays to no more than two-and-a-half. That half hour is something I keep in my back pocket if we really need it. Given that we have days off and the NYC trip, we are on a very concentrated schedule. I would rather have a little extra time we don’t end up needing rather than needing a little extra time we don’t have.

In a perfect world, I try to wrap up by six or a little before. For someone with a car, this is no problem. I appreciate that for someone reliant on rides or providing rides, that’s not as easy to manage, and I thank you for your support and flexibility.


1. We go no later than 6:30.
2. If the time between 6-6:30 is a little open on your schedule, and you want to get here early in case…. feel free to come in, watch some rehearsal, and check messages. Chances are, we might very well be out by six. You would certainly be on the mark if we were.
3. I make no plans prior to 6:30 except to stay at the theater. So if we do end at 5:55 on a given day, and an actor’s ride cannot make it until 6:30, no problem. The actors are safe, warm, inside, supervised, and have access to everything they’d have any time in the Bishop Center. (It can make for a good time to catch up on homework.)

I hope that helps. If there is ever some circumstance that makes this unusually difficult, I urge you to let me know so that we can partner to find something that works for both the show and your family.