Crew and Cast

Thank you for your patience. At one point, I had hoped there were parts for all 25 or so who tried out. Technically, that might have worked, but nearly a half of those would have had a single line, and these shows require a lot of time for a return like that that. We also very much need a passionate and dedicated crew. Given that, everyone who tried out is involved in substantive ways to make this show a success.

A schedule will be coming in about a week. Between now and then, enjoy the holiday. We’ll hit the ground running on day one of school in January, and I need you to be off book by then — as was mentioned in auditions. If that’s going to be a challenge, write to me at charltonx.


Gwyn Doppelt – Sandy, Laine

Lauren Dryzer – Guinevere

Hannah Duncan – Mother Carteloise, Jill

Elizabeth Hethmon – Ms. Olzeski, Petitioner 2

Casey Majors – Princess Beauteous, Crowd of Four #3

Maddie Pappano – Crowd of Four #4, Carolyn

Lilli Schweitzer – Morgan Le Fay

Maggie Tipton – Prisoner 2, Soap Warrior

Peyton Austin – Merlin, Messenger

Ben Davis – Guard 1, Prisoner 3, Walter, Ogre

Ben Hatmaker – Hank

Jake Loveday – Randy, Dungeon Master, Sir Kay, and Guard 2

John Nadrous – Doober, Mordred, Crowd of Four #2,

Tony Nadrous – Lancelot (Chet), Crowd of Four #1

Damon Rodefer – Clarence (Charlie)

Sebastian Soto – Prisoner 1, Petitioner 1

Jake Yount – King Arthur (Duff)

Crew List

Lily Grace Thome – Hair & MakeupFox Schweiger – ASM
Holly Batey – ASM
Sean Conley – Lights
Gant Dunaway – House Manager
Charlotte Fuchs – Hair & Makeup
Sofia Gholston-Green – Costume Manager
Kyra Green – Prop Manager
Caroline Powell – Prop Manager
Johnny Wilkes – Backstage


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