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Crew and Cast

Thank you for your patience. At one point, I had hoped there were parts for all 25 or so who tried out. Technically, that might have worked, but nearly a half of those would have had a single line, and these shows require a lot of time for a return like that that. We also very much need a passionate and dedicated crew. Given that, everyone who tried out is involved in substantive ways to make this show a success.

A schedule will be coming in about a week. Between now and then, enjoy the holiday. We’ll hit the ground running on day one of school in January, and I need you to be off book by then — as was mentioned in auditions. If that’s going to be a challenge, write to me at charltonx.


Gwyn Doppelt – Sandy, Laine

Lauren Dryzer – Guinevere

Hannah Duncan – Mother Carteloise, Jill

Elizabeth Hethmon – Ms. Olzeski, Petitioner 2

Casey Majors – Princess Beauteous, Crowd of Four #3

Maddie Pappano – Crowd of Four #4, Carolyn

Lilli Schweitzer – Morgan Le Fay

Maggie Tipton – Prisoner 2, Soap Warrior

Peyton Austin – Merlin, Messenger

Ben Davis – Guard 1, Prisoner 3, Walter, Ogre

Ben Hatmaker – Hank

Jake Loveday – Randy, Dungeon Master, Sir Kay, and Guard 2

John Nadrous – Doober, Mordred, Crowd of Four #2,

Tony Nadrous – Lancelot (Chet), Crowd of Four #1

Damon Rodefer – Clarence (Charlie)

Sebastian Soto – Prisoner 1, Petitioner 1

Jake Yount – King Arthur (Duff)

Crew List

Lily Grace Thome – Hair & MakeupFox Schweiger – ASM
Holly Batey – ASM
Sean Conley – Lights
Gant Dunaway – House Manager
Charlotte Fuchs – Hair & Makeup
Sofia Gholston-Green – Costume Manager
Kyra Green – Prop Manager
Caroline Powell – Prop Manager
Johnny Wilkes – Backstage



This year is different than last in that the NY trip is during midwinter break. Considering that, I’m consolidating the performances into one week. The show will probably (pending admin approval) open on Thursday, March 1, and also have a matinee on Saturday, March 3 in addition to the standard Friday-Saturday-Sunday evening schedule. The upshot is that, like DRACULA, we’re adding a performance. The Thursday doesn’t really count as a disruption; we’d be putting on the show, anyway, but would normally be considering it to be final dress.