Full steam ahead!

So that you can prepare for Tuesday, here are the pages that we are going to be covering (sections of)…


This will be stuff that focuses on dialogue. often it’s just a few lines or something an announcer might say. Although you may have your script in your hand to jot down blocking, please be prepared to work all of that off book directly after. When we work off book, keep in mind that until this weekend, you may call “line” and someone who is on book will feed you your dialogue until you can pick up.

Also, please bring a notepad and something to write with from now on if you are not already doing so. Unless an ILP indicates otherwise, please take notes down by hand and review them every day before we start. It saves you from potentially invasive distractions from the digital world and never needs recharging. If you have an ILP that suggests another form of notetaking, and you feel comfortable letting me know, I encourage you to do so.

Everyone’s putting their best effort forward on this, and I really appreciate it. This is an enormously ambitious project, and I’m proud of the spirit with which you’re taking it on. Keep applying that same work ethic across the board and do so with my thanks! Take care of yourselves, and if there’s anything I can do to help make your lives easier and jobs more fulfilling, please let me know!



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