Daily Archives: September 17, 2017

I’m called for what?

To avoid anymore confusion, here’s a list of all the characters called for each number in Chicago. This should clear some things up!


Please be familiar with your ensemble number for Chicago

You may know your character’s name, but often times the script will also call you by your ensemble number. Which has run us into some issues today. So here is the list of the numbers for each assigned character.



Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely day. Remember, if you see that we are doing a number, and that number has dialogue in it that may involve your character, we are probably doing more than just the music. In fact, I can guarantee that we are doing, or attempting to do, the scene that goes in and out of that song. Although it seems like we have a lot of time, we really don’t. And every moment is precious. If you were ever unclear about whether or not you are needed, you should probably come anyway. But if you do have a question, contact Mr. McCray directly.