Daily Archives: September 9, 2017


Sunday 1-4.

Review all choreography

ATJ, cell block, cellophane, mamma, class, I know a girl, nowadays, hot honey rag

Monday 4-6

Full cast. Review.

Tuesday 4-630

4 overture. Featured dancers.

Add John at 430.

Add Velma 5. Add 4 boys.

Ben. Soto boy(they should know which one)

At 530. Damon, Peyton.

Do not need roxy.


4-445 review tuesday choreography with all inc roxy.

445-6 all to finish staging ATJ.

Thursday 4-6

Full cast. Continue Tuesday’s review.

sun 17 1-4. Choreography TBA

Although you may not be called, please leave this day OPEN in case you are.