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I need to see:

John N

We will probably be out by about 530 or 6.

Please review all of your spoken dialogue and be ready to make strong choices with it. We will just be working dialogue today, but prepare as much as you can.


Sep 24-Oct 1 schedule as of Sep 20

Sunday 24 1-230 both reached for the gun. 230-3 cell block. 3-4 funny honey

Monday 25 4-6 full company, begin to sequence show

Tuesday 26 4-6 razzle dazzle. 6-630 Chicago after midnight

Thursday 27 4-6 full company, continue sequencing show

Sun 1 1-3 me and my baby. 3-4 Velma takes the stand 4-430 I know a girl (blocking)


I’m called for what?: but it works this time

Sorry for the confusion


9/18/2017— subject to change

1 1-3pm Me and My Baby; 3-4pm Velma Takes the Stand; 4-4:30pm I Know a Girl
2 5:30-finish Sound Tech
3 5:30-7:30 Act 1
4 4-6:30 Act 2
5 4-6 Troubleshoot TBA

10 OFF
11 OFF
12 4-6:30pm Act 1

14 TBA if needed
15 1-4pm Act 2
16 4-7pm Run
17 4-7pm Run
18 4-7pm Run
19 4-7pm Crew Preview
21 TECH crew: 10am cast: 12pm GO: 1:30pm FINISH: TBA, usually no later than 7, but please DO NOT make evening plans that cannot be changed or canceled.

22 Advanced Sound Tech 1pm-6pm
23 DRESS REHEARSAL meal: 4-5pm GO: 6:30pm (to allow for orchestra arrival)
24 DRESS REHEARSAL meal: 4-5pm GO: 6:30pm (to allow for orchestra arrival)
26 DRESS REHEARSAL meal: 4-5pm GO: 6:30pm (to allow for orchestra arrival)

28 Perf 1 call: 5:30pm house open: 7:00pm GO: 7:30pm
29 Perf 2 call: 5:30pm house open: 7:00pm GO: 7:30pm
30 Perf 3 call: 5:30pm house open: 7:00pm GO: 7:30pm

I’m called for what?

To avoid anymore confusion, here’s a list of all the characters called for each number in Chicago. This should clear some things up!


Please be familiar with your ensemble number for Chicago

You may know your character’s name, but often times the script will also call you by your ensemble number. Which has run us into some issues today. So here is the list of the numbers for each assigned character.


Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely day. Remember, if you see that we are doing a number, and that number has dialogue in it that may involve your character, we are probably doing more than just the music. In fact, I can guarantee that we are doing, or attempting to do, the scene that goes in and out of that song. Although it seems like we have a lot of time, we really don’t. And every moment is precious. If you were ever unclear about whether or not you are needed, you should probably come anyway. But if you do have a question, contact Mr. McCray directly.


This Sunday is updated!

Sorry about the last-minute nature. We just had to re-coordinate based on a conflict.

Thank you for being flexible!

1-2 I know a girl.
2-3 Chicago after midnight
3-4 can’t do it alone.


Next Week!

Sunday. 1-4pm: Funny Honey; Chicago After Midnight; I Know a Girl

Monday. 4-6pm: General Review. Blocking plus ensemble numbers.

Tuesday. 4-630pm: All That Jazz

Wednesday. 4-6:30pm: Roxie

Thursday. 4-4:30pm: Review with Whitney.
4:30-6pm: Review with music with Ms. Johnson and Ms. Helbig.

Sunday (Sep 24). 1-2:30pm: Reached for the gun.
2:30-3pm Murderesses
3-4pm Can’t Do It Alone


Sunday 1-4.

Review all choreography

ATJ, cell block, cellophane, mamma, class, I know a girl, nowadays, hot honey rag

Monday 4-6

Full cast. Review.

Tuesday 4-630

4 overture. Featured dancers.

Add John at 430.

Add Velma 5. Add 4 boys.

Ben. Soto boy(they should know which one)

At 530. Damon, Peyton.

Do not need roxy.


4-445 review tuesday choreography with all inc roxy.

445-6 all to finish staging ATJ.

Thursday 4-6

Full cast. Continue Tuesday’s review.

sun 17 1-4. Choreography TBA

Although you may not be called, please leave this day OPEN in case you are.