Daily Archives: August 28, 2017

Blog post about lunch rehearsal

Hey guys it’s Gwyn!

Mr.McCray and I have noticed that, recently, our lunch rehearsals are lacking the availability and structure they require to be useful to us as a cast. Mostly because they were planned on days when only a handful of us were able to go get the help we needed, which I didn’t feel like was fair to the lunch lab kids who missed out on having extra time to polish up their part in a number, or to the no-lab students who showed up only to be turned away.

This is the solution Mr.McCray and I came up with: starting next week, Wednesdays will be designated for running songs with Miss Jean and Miss Johnson in the chorus room, and Fridays are going to be spent in the Bishop Center practicing new choreography with Whitney. We will meet during 2nd AP for both days.

Attending these rehearsals is strongly recommended. These meetings are here to help the cast, as a whole, grow stronger and more confident in the musical numbers. I’m probably not the only one wishing I had a little more time to practice that one number before we moved on to the next part, so that’s exactly what lunch rehearsals are for. Not to mention, tech week always arrives sooner than expected. If we each attend at least one of these AP rehearsals a week, the longterm payoff will be huge.

This cast is an incredible group full of hardworking, talented, and dedicated students. I know for a fact that with all our efforts combined, and this little bit of extra time we’ll put into each week, Chicago will be that much better.

I love you guys!