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Schedule 8/22-28, etc.

Hello! Coming up…


block pp 27-29, 33-34, 52-53

“All that Jazz” staging

4-4:15 review “All that Jazz”
4:15-6 music (all)

soloists TBD

“All that Jazz” 1-4

62-63, 69-71, 86-88

It’s around now that we get questions from those who are new to us about scheduling. If you’re familiar with many non-musical plays without fight choreography, you might have been lucky to audition with a full and detailed schedule in front of you. They’re great. Straight plays have few moving parts… actors, a single director, and a single necessary skill (usually): acting. Musicals are very elaborate clocks by comparison. Three (or more) necessary skills. At least three or four directors or assisting adults. Guest artists with shifting schedules based on numerous demands. Orchestras with unpredictable commitments.

The skills required can also be somewhat unpredictable to instill. Some dance numbers may take twice as long as we guesstimate. Compared to this, a show that only requires (from a nuts and bolts perspective) learning spoken lines and memorizing blocking is extremely straightforward and predictable.

We are happy to communicate as much as possible and to publish what we can as far in advance as we’re able. If you have any questions as we go along, please ask.

Between now and then, the safest tactic is to approach the unscheduled week as if you very likely might be called Sun 1-4 and M-Th 4-6 . And if you have time off within that where you are not called on certain days, enjoy it!