Final Cast

Velma Kelly – Madeleine Wolfenbarger

Roxie Hart – Casey Majors

Billy Flynn – Benjamin “Papa” Hatmaker

Matron “Mama” Morton – Lillian Schweitzer

Mary Sunshine – Elizabeth Hethmon

Amos Hart – Jake “The Yount” Yount

Mona – Lauren Dryzer

Kitty – Gwyneth Doppelt

Annie – Lily Grace Thome

June – Madeline Pappano

Hunyak – Hannah Duncan

Liz – Tatum Mullins

Judge – Peyton Austin

Court Clerk – Damon Rodefer

Fred Casely – John Nadrous

Seargent Fogarty – Johnny Wilkes

Aaron – Cisco Soto

Martin Harrison – Sebastian Soto

Harry (Juror) – Britt Lamson

1st Reporter – Whitney Flautt – Dance Captain

2nd Reporter – Maggie Comer

3rd Reporter – Divya Venkatesh

Lead Dancers: (Reached for the Gun and Me and My Baby)

Jade Anderson

Maggie Comer

Hannah Duncan

Whitney Flautt – Dance Captain

Caroline Powell

Jamie Sharp

Lily Grace Thome

Divya Venkatesh


Holly Batey

Veronica Cain

Sean Conley

Kyra Green

Chelsea Henderson

Bekka Range

Maggie Tipton

Roxy song: Peyton, Damon, John, Johnny, Cisco, Sebastian, Britt, Sean (8)

plus female: Tatum, Bekka, Chelsea, Lauren, Maddie P, Veronica, Holly, Maggie T (8)


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