Reminders, etc.


Three things….

1. Scripts are available in the bookstore. Please pick one up after casting is finalized.

2. Please come to rehearsal tomorrow unless you are out of town.

3. Sometimes, you forget to clearly express things that time has led you to take for granted. One of those things has to do with conflicts. I am writing to clarify what’s needed to be successful in a show. You may know it or it may be new to you. Putting a show together is a privilege. To earn that privilege, it requires a trade, and that trade is 90% made up of time. I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of conflicts that we were given when we asked. I trust that no one is being selfish or is trying to harm the show, so I take responsibility for now ensuring that communication is as clear as possible. I think what we got was the result of a lack of clear instruction. Before we get deeper into the show and before the semester officially begins, you need greater clarity from me.

Here’s the philosophy. When you try out for a show, you make yourself available for rehearsal. Our rehearsals are pretty much Monday-Thursday from 4-6:30 (at the latest) and Sundays 1-4. With Fridays and Saturdays and days you’re not called, do what will. We’ll take a few all-school days off, as well as fall break. But to earn that and the good show we want to deliver, we have to put a lot of personal stuff aside for a few months. I understand college visits and religious obligations. Beyond those, we really need the cast to reexamine their other activities. What can be postponed? What can be rescheduled? More than you may imagine. These are not easy conversations, but they are mature ones.

In an outside show, you might be limited to one or two excused absences. In this case, I’d like to try to limit it to five. And that still is a *lot*. In general, schedules will go out a week or two in advance, so you’ll have some time to see when you might be free.

Five doesn’t mean you should take five if you don’t need them!

This is a very demanding show. The level of dance and the precision of the required performances cannot be pulled off with as many absences as many are planning on.

It is a wonderful and tempting thing to try to be well-liked by telling people they can have it all. It would also be irresponsible of me in this case. To make the show as good as possible, to leave time for your studies, and to create the needed room for health and family, it can be important to make choices. Tough. But important.

This may not be the time to take on the responsibility of a show for you. You may look at your obligations and decide that one of them — or the collection of them — has greater value to you right now. Let us know that. There will always be more shows in your life. In terms of future casting, I actually admire someone who chooses wisely, even if that may not be the show I’m directing.

Please look at your conflicts, think about your schedule and the rest of the show, and let’s see if we can make the healthiest choices possible.

Patrick McCray


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