OK, clearly we are behind, so let me tell you what my general plan is.

There are only two definites things. One is that we will go until about five tomorrow. The reason for the added time is that we have to have the show blocked. (Some of the fight scenes may only be blocked in the most general sense. We can always go back and fill in the nuances later.) Adam comes in on Monday, and I have not heard anything about us getting time out of class. Given how much school we have missed, I can’t really imagine that happening.

So, the other definite is that we will go until about 730 on Monday. I don’t know how much homework people are going to be given, and a lot of things need to be balanced. Adam is coming back on the 22nd, so I suspect that a lot of this on Monday is going to be him watching the show, taking notes, etc. 730 is also the last point when someone can leave and politely grab dinner without it turning into the later portion of the evening. However, if you think you might need a snack, I would bring one. We have had several parent volunteers for meals, but I need to reconnect with them. I’ve been pretty down this week, myself, and only now am I feeling up to typing.

Once I see how things go on Monday, I will have a better idea of what the rehearsal schedule will be for the rest of the run. I should be able to sketch that out by the end of Monday or Tuesday mid day at the very, very latest. I have held off a little on that just because I’m not quite sure what we will need to do, based on this delay.

If you have any further questions, please contact me. I hope everyone is feeling well!



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