Founders Break

The only conversation I can recall having about someone being gone that weekend is with Dan. From my memory, everyone else is going to be in town. While we won’t work for the entire weekend, it’s my expectation (unless I have forgotten some specific conversation) that everyone will be available to rehearse over that break. It was listed as a possibility on your audition form, and I think it’s the only way for us to make up for this lost time.

As far as specific rehearsal times go during that, I’m not certain, and I won’t really know what the show needs until I see how we do with remembering blocking, profoundly increased vocal projection (hint hint), performance commitment, etc. As I said in my last post, some of that will depend on how the next couple of days go. Ideally, it will still feel like a vacation… just a vacation in town where we get some work done on the show.

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call. 865-310-8668




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