The Final Stretch

Almost there! Important stuff looking ahead…

5pm scene changes

6:15pm-8pm MUSICAL NUMBERS! This is with scenery. Costumes are negotiable. I would rather they not slow us down, but if they are important to the execution of a number, wear them. We want to get these polished and performance-ready by the time we are done tonight. Set that as your goal and responsibility. If there are specific things I can do to help you get there, make sure I know.

6:15 GO full performance.

I will have the theater open about four. No later than 430. The official call time is 5:30. House open at 7.

Rehearsals are always open to family members. Members of the outside community may attend, but only with the directors approval. Please see him before issuing an invitation. Thanks!!

Mr. McCray


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